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Post-Pregnancy Recovery and Fitness

I think most women will agree that the greatest challenge to the female body is recovering from pregnancy and childbirth. Attempting to return to one’s former fitness level raises the bar even higher, especially following two or more pregnancies. Since I have recently...

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The Myth of the Slipped Disc

In relation to back pain, everyone has heard of the mysterious "slipped disc". Everyone has also heard of the bogey man. Guess what – neither one exists. All too often there is a misdiagnosis or a lack of understanding in relation to how the disc is attached to...

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Why Your Friend Should Not “Crack” Your Back!

Friends manipulating one another's backs on top of a workout bench. Does this picture ring a bell with you?? This is something that I observe all to often while working out in the gym and it scares me too death. There are many reasons why this is very dangerous and...

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